Case Study

Kiowa Power

Project Overview:

Sometimes, a solution doesn’t require our personnel to be onsite. This is an example of one of those “self-install” projects. We were contacted by Kiowa Power, a power company located in rural Oklahoma. They contacted us seeking a solution for their office building, a green building in a relatively remote location.

oklahoma countryside
electrical service technicians

Unique Problems:

As mentioned above, Kiowa Power’s office was a green building. These buildings are commonly known to block cellular signals, so we design solutions for many of these types of buildings. Their office is also remote, so cellular reception can already be spotty outside the building. Given the size of the solution and the facility’s remote location, we recommended a self-install.


Working over phone and email, we collaborated with the client to gather all of the relevant information in order to design an efficient and effective solution for Kiowa Power. We packaged all of the materials and wrote a self-install handbook specific to this facility’s solution. Using these materials, we were able to deliver a comprehensive self-install solution that fit the client’s budgetary needs. While we typically prefer to conduct a site survey, this was a unique situation that required a fully remote solution, which worked out very well.

natural gas power plant


After installing our solution using the materials and instructions we sent them, Kiowa Power noticed an immediate increase in cellular service reliability. In remote locations like this facility, generating enough signal can be tricky, but we were able to pull it off while staying in budget.

It was a pleasure to work with Kiowa Power on a solution that should last them many years. Contact us today to learn more about how we can design a cost effective solution to improve your cellular service.

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