DAS Systems and ERRCS for K-12 & Higher Education

Supervising an educational institution is a prestigious position that comes with great responsibility. One of these responsibilities is keeping the students at your school safe. The days of school shootings, bullying, and other threats aren’t behind us, so it’s important to know how to improve public safety in K-12 and higher education.

When first responders arrive at your campus, public safety distributed antenna systems (DAS), or emergency responder radio communications systems (ERRCS) work to ensure that there are no “dead spots” on your campus leading to crucial updates being missed, or emergency responders being slowed down by loss of signal.

Special Needs for ERRCS on Campuses

ERRCS (sometimes called Public Safety DAS) ensures that first responders can maintain communication with each other to unify their efforts in a crisis. This provides for a more efficient response to emergency situations such as fires, natural disasters, security threats, and more.

A reliable public safety DAS can make all the difference during an emergency. That is why Harris Communications partners with the Safer Buildings Coalition and local governments to ensure that requirements and measures are set in place that will generate a more efficient, reliable, and life-saving communication system for emergency responders.

Find out what an ERRCS might cost your school:

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