DAS Servicing

Cell phones not working in a building can create more than a minor inconvenience. Poor cell phone reception may cascade into reduced efficiency, emotional stress, and significant barriers to communication for building occupants. Dropped calls and spotty cell phone service are often caused by a building’s materials or its rural location. But while you can’t change the building’s location or material properties, there is an effective solution; install a distributed antenna system (DAS) to boost the cell phone reception in every area of your building.

Harris Communications provides DAS antenna design and consultation services that improve wireless frequency coverage for any location. Whether you are located in a stadium, hospital, hotel, or large building, we ensure you always have wireless, voice, and data coverage. We provide DAS antenna design, custom DAS engineering, and comprehensive installation services for customers nationwide.

Eliminating Cell Phone Dead Zones in Buildings of Any Kind

As buildings keep changing and becoming more efficiently-engineered, they are not becoming more friendly to the growing amount of cellular data that most people need to receive and transmit throughout each day. Smart phones have become so common that it’s hard to find someone without one, but cellular service can still be spotty because the infrastructure has been slow to meet consumer needs. This is  especially true in rural areas and where concrete and buildings block cellular service in urban areas. Our distributed antenna systems offerings expand wireless mobility inside, allowing occupants to communicate anywhere.

Instead of walking around and trying to find a good signal the occupants of your facility can experience a strong, steady cell phone signal everywhere in the building via the signal amplification offered by a distributed antenna system.

Will a Distributed Antenna System Boost Cell Phone Reception in My Building?

Our DAS systems work well for all types of public spaces and commercial buildings, including

  • entertainment venues,
  • hospitals,
  • campuses,
  • airports,
  • hotels, and
  • conference centers.

View our case studies to learn more about the wide range of facility types we serve.

DAS Systems: Request A Proposal

Each distributed antenna system is somewhat unique, as each building or facility has its own set of unique challenges to be addressed. If you would like to know more about the cost and pricing of a DAS, fill out the form below to begin the conversation.

    Top Three Benefits of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS)