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Harris Communications provides turnkey in-building DAS solutions, backed by professional installations and FCC-approved products for cellular reception and/or public safety. Like a cell repeater and wireless extender. We are able to boost your cell phone’s signal with our custom designed in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS). Ensuring that your employees, clients, and customers experience better cell phone reception as a result of relying on our skilled technicians.

By using various state-of-the-art equipment for our DAS in-building wireless solutions, we ensure that you have a strong signal throughout your facility. Commonly found in healthcare institutions, manufacturing facilities, universities, large retail stores, and office complexes, our in-building DAS systems allow uninterrupted wireless reception.

Harris Communications’ in-building DAS solutions increases your company’s productivity while adhering to established industry standards. Our cutting-edge in-building cellular DAS and ERRC solutions can significantly improve your facility’s voice and data communications.

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