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Welcome to Harris Communications

Harris Communications has been servicing clients in Charlotte, NC and throughout the United States and Canada since 1990. We consult with our clients to design the best solutions to fit – and grow with – your needs. We offer superior products like a cell repeater and wireless extender along with providing a turnkey solution to in-building cellular and wireless enhancement needs. Our installers are experts in their field, and we make a commitment to superior customer service.

Our Services
DAS Install
Contact our DAS installation experts for design services and consultations when you need a distributed antenna system installed in your building.

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Public Safety DAS
When you need ensure that emergency responders can maintain wireless communications within a building structure in emergency situations, ask Harris Communications to build and instal your Public Safety DAS.

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Turnkey Solutions
Harris Communications provides cutting-edge distributed antenna systems throughout the United States that deliver exceptional and reliable performance.

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DAS Service & Repair
Turn to Harris Communications for prompt and affordable DAS repair. As technology continues to change, you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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Our Clients

Why Harris Communications?

Harris Communications provides a turnkey solution for in-building DAS, backed by professional installations and reliable products like a cell repeater and wireless extender. We are able to boost your cell phone’s signal with our custom designed in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS). Ensuring that your employees, clients, and customers experience better cell phone reception as a result of relying on our skilled technicians.

By using various state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that you have a strong signal throughout your facility. Commonly found in healthcare institutions, manufacturing facilities, universities, large retail stores, and office complexes, our in-building DAS systems allow uninterrupted  wireless reception.

Harris Communications increases your company’s productivity while adhering to established industry standards.

Call us at 803-327-4556 or fill out our form to the right and we will get some information out to you.

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