DAS Repair Provided by Harris Communications

Safety & Reliability: Repair Services for Distributed Antenna Systems

System reliability is one of the only things that matter with distributed antenna systems. If your DAS is unreliable, the safety of your occupants can be compromised. Turn to Harris Communications for prompt and affordable DAS repair. When you choose us to repair and service your system, you can be confident that everything is operating at peak efficiency.

As technology continues to change, you need to stay ahead of the curve. Sometimes upgrades will be necessary to keep your DAS operating effectively as new cell phone regulations go into effect. We offer comprehensive distributed antenna systems repair services that address your needs quickly.

Reliable & Affordable DAS Repair for Business Customers

When your DAS system is broken, it affects business productivity and profits. You need immediate DAS service and repair if an antenna, repeater, or controller is damaged.

Because we have been serving business customers across the USA since 1990, we have the skill, equipment, and knowledge to fix any problem with your distributed antenna system. As an added benefit, being vendor-neutral enables us to determine the best solutions at the most reasonable prices for you.

If you suspect your DAS may be damaged, allow us to provide a free phone consultation, and begin to enjoy clear, consistent, and reliable cell phone reception again.

How Long Should My Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Function?

How Long Should My Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Function?

A well-installed DAS can operate without interruption for over a decade.

We have customers who are still happily using systems we installed more than 10 years ago. A great installation gives you peace of mind and consistent cell phone reception. And because of our long-term commitment to this industry, you will always know that we are simply a phone call away should you need updates or service.

Once your DAS system is in place, there is no ongoing cost to owning it, and a well-designed system is likely to function for many years. However, some organizations want to be proactive, and retain Harris Communications as an on-call service team for regular maintenance and repair. Our service agreements provide that, plus the knowledge that your service team knows your system intimately. We’ll go over your service agreement options during the close-out process.

Download our Facility Manager’s Guide to DAS Installation: Getting it Right The First Time (PDF 1.6MB) to learn the ropes of DASs. We’ve pulled our expertise together in this guide to help building operators and owners get the results they expect from their DAS installation. You will also learn what you can expect when working with a quality provider like Harris Communications.

DAS Repair: Request A Proposal

Each distributed antenna system is somewhat unique, and any damage to the system has its own set of unique challenges to be addressed. If you would like to know more about the cost and pricing of DAS repair, or our service agreements, fill out the form below to begin the conversation.

    Repairing Distributed Antenna Systems: What to Avoid

    With thirty years of experience, we have seen a lot of different scenarios when it comes to DASs, and these are some of the key things to look out for.