Why Is My Cellular Signal Worse in the Spring and Summer?

Why Is My Cellular Signal Worse in the Spring and Summer?

It’s not just your imagination– the factor making your smart phone’s signal weaker in the spring and summer may be leaves. Between your home or workplace and the nearest cell tower, trees will begin to regrow their leaves in spring. And by the time summer arrives those trees will be fully-leafed. Leaves can cause interference in cell phone signals, which may be why your cellular signal is worse in the spring and summer.

In the fall and winter months those leaves will fall from most trees, giving cellular signals a clearer path and resulting in better cell reception. But in areas with spotty coverage to begin with, leaves in spring and summer can cause enough additional signal interference to cause serious communications interruptions for your employees or building occupants. Users may experienced dropped calls, bad connections, and weak cell signal or no service bars.

In some principalities, governments mandate that cell towers need to be hidden from view, which can also reduce cell reception. Luckily, there are ways to fix this problem. A commercial cellular repeater is often all that’s needed in these cases.

Harris Communications Can Help

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