What is an RF Engineer?
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RF Engineering, also known as Radio Frequency Engineering, is a subset of electrical engineering. It applies to devices which are designed to operate in the Radio Frequency spectrum. RF Engineering is incorporated into almost everything that transmits or receives a radio wave which includes, but not limited to, Cell Phones, Wi-Fi and Public Safety Solutions.

RF Engineers

RF Engineers are a part of a high;y specialized field and are an integral part of in-building wireless solutions. Their expertise is needed to design effective and reliable solutions. To produce quality results, an in-depth knowledge of mathematics, physics and general electronics theory is required. Even with this, the initial design of an RF Circuit usually bears very little resemblance to the final physical circuit produced, as revisions to the design are often required to achieve intended results.

RF Engineers are specialists in their respective field and assist in both the design, and maintenance of our solutions. Often, creative and collaborative solutions are required in the wireless industry, we work closely with our RF engineers to deliver quality solutions. The range of technologies used is vast due to the wide array of frequencies allocated for different radio services, and due to the range in age of equipment.

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