What Is a Distributed Antenna System?

What is a distributed antenna system?

Distributed antenna systems, commonly referred to as DAS, are a network of antennas that are used to enhance wireless network coverage, especially inside buildings.

How a DAS Works

A DAS works by distributing the wireless signal from a centralized hub to a network of smaller antennas located throughout a building or outdoor space. This allows for improved wireless coverage and capacity, particularly in areas where traditional wireless infrastructure may struggle to provide reliable service. DAS also increases building safety, as it allows building occupants to effectively communicate in an emergency.

Usage Cases for DAS

Distributed antenna systems are commonly used in large buildings such as schools, hospitals, and apartments, where high volumes of people are likely to be using wireless devices simultaneously. By distributing the wireless signal across a network of antennas, a DAS provides a more robust and reliable wireless service, reducing the risk of dropped calls, slow data speeds, and other issues commonly associated with poor wireless coverage. DASs have become an increasingly popular solution for businesses and organizations looking to provide reliable wireless service to their employees, customers, and visitors.

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To learn more about distributed antenna systems and other best practices for building safety, check out The Safe Inside Podcast, from the Safer Buildings Coalition. Harris Communications is a proud member of the Safer Buildings Coalition!

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