How Many Square Feet Does a Cellular Repeater Cover?

apartment tenant who needs a cellular repeater

This is a great question, and one that’s important to know the answer to when deciding to invest in a cellular repeater. The answer can be a little complicated, though. The coverage area of a cellular repeater can vary depending on several factors such as device specs, the surrounding environment, and any obstacles that may interfere with signal.

For smaller, low-power cellular repeaters designed for residential or small office use, coverage area may be around 500 to 1,500 square feet. These repeaters are helpful for enhancing cellular signal in a single room or a small area, but they are not a scalable enterprise solution.

High-power cellular repeaters designed for commercial applications can cover significantly larger areas. These repeaters are capable of amplifying cellular signal over areas of several thousand square feet, potentially providing coverage for an entire building or a large outdoor area, such as an office, school, or hospital.

It’s important to note that a cellular repeater’s coverage can be influenced by many factors. You can only know for certain after you’ve had a site survey conducted by a trained professional. To learn more about how cellular repeaters can improve building safety, check out The Safe Inside Podcast¬†from the Safer Buildings Coalition. Harris Communications is a proud member of the Safer Buildings Coalition!

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