How First Responders Communicate During an Emergency
How First Responders Communicate During an Emergency
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It can happen at any time. When you least expect it, you may find yourself in an emergency during which you’ll need help, whether this is due to a natural disaster, an active shooter, or a workplace injury. At some point in your life, you may need to request the police or an ambulance. Knowing how first responders communicate during an emergency is essential when planning for one. Find out what you can do to ensure chaos doesn’t become disaster.

Team Communication

When first responders arrive at your building, they’ll need to send a team inside to inspect the place. Whether they’re looking for survivors or criminals, it helps if they can communicate with each other. Install an emergency responder radio coverage system (EERCS) along with your distributed antenna system (DAS) to make it easier for firefighters and police to stay in contact.

Dispatch Communication

First responders need to communicate with dispatch to find out where an emergency is and learn new information. This information can affect how they approach a situation.

Requesting Backup

The job of the first person on the scene is to inspect the situation and determine what they require. In some cases, the police may need other departments to step in, such as EMTs and firefighters. By communicating with dispatch, they can request the right services for people in need.

Hospital Communication

Some responders communicate with other entities. For instance, emergency responders may need to take someone to the hospital if they’re badly hurt. In this case, they’ll need to contact nearby hospitals to find out who can admit the patient.

Help secure public safety when you know how first responders communicate during an emergency. Installing a public safety DAS is key to ensuring first responders don’t run into dead zones while doing their job. An EERCS improves signals so police and firefighters can stay in contact with their teams. Talk with Harris Communications about the best DAS design for your building and needs.

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