Catawba Ridge High School Hosts Active Assailant Training

active assailant training Fort Mill

In June, Catawba Ridge High School in Fort Mill, SC hosted a multi-jurisdictional active assailant training exercise. This training helped police officers, fire fighters, EMS responders, and York County Office of Emergency Management personnel prepare for what to do when called for an active assailant/shooter situation. It’s important that first responders regularly engage in this type of training so that they can be ready for any and all emergency situations that could arise in schools.

When a school is the victim of an assailant, an emergency responder radio communication system (ERRCS) allows police and other first responders to communicate with each other. Details like the location of the assailant need to be shared as soon as possible in order to save lives, and an ERRCS ensures that is possible. Catawba Ridge High School is equipped with an ERRCS, so the personnel involved in the training were able to stay in contact throughout the duration of the exercises.

If your school does not have an ERRCS, contact us today. These systems can be the difference between a regular school day and a tragedy. To learn more about how emergency responder radio communication systems can improve building safety, check out The Safe Inside Podcast from the Safer Buildings Coalition. Harris Communications is a proud member of the Safer Buildings Coalition!