Can a Commercial Cellular Repeater use Multiple Antennas?

Can Multiple Antennas Be Used Inside with a Commercial Cellular Repeater?

This question comes up fairly frequently when we conduct wireless site surveys and speak with clients over the course of a project– Can multiple antennas be used inside with a commercial cellular repeater? The simple answer is yes.

Commercial cellular repeaters are designed to be able to support multiple antennas. However, how many antennas we should install depends on several variables. How big is your facility? What is the coverage area of a system with a single antenna? Finally, what are you trying to achieve?

Multiple Antennas for Cellular Reception In Your Building

The total system that uses cellular signal repeaters, antennas, and bi-directional amplifiers all working together together to increase cellular coverage is called a distributed antenna system, or DAS.

These systems utilize indoor antennas, which are designed to be very low-profile and can be installed with minimal disturbance to your facility. Fitting them throughout a facility is less a question of space and more an issue of cost. If you are operating a shipping warehouse, for example, and have offices on one end of the facility, it may not be cost-effective to put multiple antennas throughout the entire length of the building. Instead, you may decide to prioritize the office space, as it is where phones and other cellular devices will be in highest demand.











Another factor to consider is safety. Optimizing cellular and radio reception in every corner of the building could be helpful for building occupants and/or first responders in emergency scenarios. If employees are somehow trapped on the side of the warehouse furthest from the offices, they would appreciate having strong cellular coverage in order to call for help. When first responders arrive at a building, they often communicate with two-way radios, and those radios may not be able to communicate without a specialized DAS called an Emergency Responder Radio Communications System (ERRCS).

Whether you need a DAS or an ERRCS, multiple antennas are often part of the system, and help to provide full coverage for wireless and radio signals in your building. How many antennas are needed, and where they are needed can be determined by a qualified RF engineer.

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