What Is an Emergency Responder Communication System?
What Is an Emergency Responder Communication System?
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Keeping your employees safe in the event of an emergency is a top priority. Even though emergencies don’t happen every day, you must always prepare for them. Buildings equipped with distributed antenna systems (DAS) designed for emergency responders can improve public safety and the safety of your building. But what is an emergency responder communication system? Keep reading to find out.

How Emergency Responder Communication Systems Work

An emergency responder communication system uses a series of antennas and boosters to relay cell signals inside and outside of your building. When first responders arrive at your building, they can stay in communication with their team if you have an emergency responder radio coverage system (ERRCS).

Reasons To Install ERRCS

You never know when your building might be in an emergency. Natural disasters, domestic threats, and fires can occur with or without warning. Having an emergency responder communication system in place is one of the best ways to prepare in advance for a disaster.

Uses for Emergency Responder Systems

If first responders must arrive at your building, their priority will be clearing the building. To get everyone to safety, teams need to communicate with each other. DAS in-building wireless solutions provide a network for firefighters and police to connect their radios.

Installing an Emergency Responder Communication System

To install a public safety DAS or ERRCS in your building, hire a team of professionals. Experts will install a series of antennas and other components to help boost the cell signals in and around your building. An improved signal negates dead zones even when you’re in a stairwell or basement. Professionals can install a public safety DAS using:

  • Repeaters
  • Receivers
  • Signal boosters
  • Transmitters
  • Power supplies
  • Remote annunciators and controls

Knowing what an emergency responder communication system is may help you decide if one is right for your building. Preparing for an emergency is the best way to prevent a disaster from becoming worse. Contact professionals at Harris Communications to discuss solutions to improve communications on your property.

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