What Is a Distributed Antenna System Used For?
What Is a Distributed Antenna System Used For?
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The last thing you want to see at the top of your phone is the “No” symbol. This indicates that you’re in a dead zone. While it’s common to have no bars when you’re in a remote area, it’s still frustrating if you’re trying to run a business. The solution may be a bi-directional amplifier. But what is a distributed antenna system used for? Keep reading to find out.

Boost Cell Frequency

Especially if you manage a warehouse or other building in a remote area, you’ll want to boost the cell signal you receive from nearby towers. Building materials can block frequencies, but a bi-directional DAS system helps distribute the signal inside your building while making it stronger. You may need a BDA DAS system if you manage businesses such as:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Grocery stores
  • Dispatch facilities
  • Malls

Prevent Dead Zones

Whether in the elevator or the bathroom, it’s frustrating to lose the signal on your phone when you may need it most. If your bars drop when you walk inside a building, they’ll likely deplete as you get closer to the center of your building, such as in stairwells or possibly at your desk. A DAS system spreads cell frequencies throughout your building so that you never miss a call or text.

Keep People Connected

Dead zones are typically caused by one of two problems. Either there are too many people connecting to a tower, or something is blocking the signal. Whether you run a business or host events, it’s essential to keep people connected to their devices so they can connect with one another.

Make More Money

Stay ahead of the curve with a professional DAS system that allows you to hit your targets. If you host events, people can livestream—and they may stick around longer—if they can use their phones. Further, when you prevent dead zones at your office, you won’t miss any important calls from clients.

Maintain coverage from the parking lot to your desk when you use DAS. Harris Communications offers a range of services to help your business stay connected. Talk to our professionals today to learn more about what a distributed antenna system is used for.

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