The Difference Between Cellular and Public Safety DAS
The Difference Between Cellular and Public Safety DAS
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Building protection is a top priority for managers of residential and commercial facilities. Especially for businesses, connectivity is essential to daily functions. If a call drops or you miss one due to not having a signal, you could lose money. The benefits of a distributed antenna system (DAS) that boosts your signal are numerous, but you may have also heard about public safety DAS. Do you need both? Find out the difference between cellular and public safety DAS.

What Is Cellular DAS?

Designed to improve cellular coverage within a building, distributed antenna systems (DAS) are necessary for business productivity and connectivity. Using a system of antennas, you can amplify and distribute signals from nearby cell towers. Building materials like concrete, metal, and brick hinder frequencies from reaching your device once you’re inside. DAS is often the solution if you don’t want to stand near a window or go outside each time you need to use your phone.

What Is Public Safety DAS?

No one wants to think about an emergency, but if you manage a business or building, safety and preparedness should be at the top of your mind. If first responders like EMTs and firefighters must go to your building, the same materials that hinder your cell signal can prevent their equipment from working too. Installing public safety DAS is key to preventing lags and drops in communication between teams in the event of a fire, an active shooter, or another emergency.

Benefits of an Integrated System

Cellular and public safety DAS are not mutually exclusive. Your building may need both. Some systems run parallel to each other while others converge. You should talk to an engineer to decide which type of system is best for your building. With a converged structure, all system components are in the same enclosure, while a parallel system uses separate structures.

Knowing the difference between cellular and public safety DAS can help you make smart decisions for your building. Not all buildings need both types of DAS, but if you don’t get a strong cell signal in your office or warehouse, you might consider contacting Harris Communications to see what our experts can do for you. Talk to our team of highly skilled engineers today.

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