Signs Your Building Has Poor Wireless Coverage
Signs Your Building Has Poor Wireless Coverage
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Do you walk inside your office or warehouse and immediately lose half the bars on your cell phone? Maybe you can only use your cell phone before or after work. If you start to notice signs your building has poor wireless coverage, you can take steps to boost your signal. Keep reading for solutions to poor network coverage.

Frequent Dropped Calls

When your phone drops your calls while you are inside, it’s a sign your building may be receiving poor wireless coverage. If you can easily talk on your phone while standing outside your building but lose the call when you walk inside, your building materials are likely blocking the signal. This could also be the case if your phone drops calls while you’re walking around your building.

Phone Shows Low Bars

Your phone may show low bars when you’re inside your building if you don’t have good network coverage. When frequencies sent out from cell towers are unable to reach your device, you will see low bars. You may find that your device works better when you stand near a window, but this isn’t the case for all buildings because some glass refracts cell signals.

Dead Zones

If your cell phone gives you the “no” symbol, it means you have no bars because you’re in a dead zone. Your whole building might be a dead zone, or the building may have specific places that are known to prevent you from accessing the network. The most likely places you might experience dead zones in your building are:

  • Basements
  • Stairwells
  • Elevators
  • Hallways

What Are Dead Zones?

Dead zones are caused by building materials and other interferences. Cell signals can’t go through solid objects such as trees, concrete, metal, and brick. The essential materials needed to construct durable buildings are exactly what block signals from reaching your cell phone or other device.

Fix Dead Zones

Fortunately, there’s a solution to dead zones. With an expertly designed distributed antenna system (DAS), you can bring the signal from outside and disperse it throughout your building. Talk to the engineers at Harris Communications about DAS antenna design for your building. We can help you spot signs your building has poor wireless coverage to map out the best system for you. Contact us today to get started.

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