Public Safety Distributed Antenna System Requirements
Public Safety Distributed Antenna System Requirements
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Distributed antenna systems (DAS) are excellent for improving the signal in your building, but they can come in handy during times of crisis as well as during your standard business hours. To ensure your system operates safely, it should follow a set of rules and regulations. You should understand public safety distributed antenna system requirements if you have it on your property.

Public safety DAS is essential to your business if you often experience dropped calls and other cell problems. These problems will be much worse for firefighters and EMTs if they need to respond to an emergency on your property. Discover the requirements that make public safety systems safe.

Waterproof Enclosures

The National Electrical Manufacturer Association dictates that properties host all public safety antennas in waterproof enclosures. Each enclosure should be NEMA-4 compliant.

Network Coverage

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Fire Code (IFC) require network coverage to 95 percent of your property before you can install public safety DAS. Further, the NFPA requires 99 percent coverage to vital areas.

Signal Strength

Required by the NFPA and the IFC, the minimal signal strength for DAS is -95 dB. Without a strong signal, first responders may lose contact with their teams.

Battery Backup

The backup battery for your system needs to power your DAS for at least 24 hours in the event of a catastrophic incident. Further, your DAS should also have system monitoring alarms to indicate when batteries are low or malfunctioning.

Antenna Isolation

The NFPA also dictates that antenna isolation should be 20 dB higher than the gain of the amplifier. Use a directional antenna for DAS.

Hold on to these public safety distributed antenna system requirements. You won’t want to forget the regulations as you make updates and perform maintenance. Let the professionals at Harris Communications install your public safety system to ensure it complies with all standards and regulations.

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