Industries That Use Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
Industries That Use Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
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Of the many industries that use distributed antenna systems (DAS), some are becoming more popular for this technology than others. If you’ve been wondering if DAS is right for you or your business, check out the types of industries that already utilize this technology.

Public Transportation Hubs

Airports and train stations use DAS to communicate departures and arrivals, as well as to alert customers about changes and when to board. Without seamless connections, accidents are more likely to happen. To cover a large area like an airport, business managers use passive or hybrid DAS, which mainly utilizes a system of cables to distribute the network.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and other medical facilities use DAS throughout their buildings to keep in touch and connect with ambulance services. If an emergency is happening in the ER and a doctor is on the top floor of the facility, they won’t get the signal in time to help if the network isn’t strong. Further, intake could miss an arrival if their signal drops. Placing antennas throughout the building boosts Wi-Fi and other network signals to ensure cellphones and other devices never hit zero bars.

Sports and Entertainment

Behind the scenes of the entertainment world is a plethora of people working and communicating to make sure the show goes on. Directors communicate with their crew via two-way radios, and news and sportscasters get breaking stories from writers via headphones. Large buildings with thick walls can distort signals, so studios use DAS to boost their signal and keep their productions rolling.


Government agencies use DAS to maintain contact on and off-site. A strong and secure internet connection is important for all government work. Whether you work for the Post Office or have been elected to office, you need to stay connected to the people to whom you answer. Missing an important message or dropping a call with a person in need of services is the last thing a government official should do to represent themself in a positive light.

Manufacturing Plants

Managers of huge manufacturing plants that specialize in everything from power to paper to steel must stay in communication with their employees and supervisors. To keep up productivity and stay on top of potential accidents, managers use two-way radios to communicate with their staff. Active DAS is common for manufacturing plants that fit within a single building, though larger operations may use fiber optics.

There are many other industries that use distributed antenna systems, including retail, hospitality, and education. Harris Communications offers cellular DAS antenna solutions to improve your business’s productivity and communication. Contact us today to find out what our skilled team of designers and engineers can do for you.

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