How To Improve Your Building’s Cellular Reception
How To Improve Your Building’s Cellular Reception
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Most modern businesses require that their employees use their cell phones to stay connected to clients, constituents, and job sites throughout the day. Without a good cell phone connection, you could miss an important call, or worse—your call might drop at the most inconvenient moment. Finding out how to improve your building’s cellular reception is essential to improving your business. Keep reading to uncover solutions that work.

Causes of Poor Cell Reception in Your Building

The main cause of poor cell reception in any building is the type of materials with which the building is constructed. Sturdy building materials may limit the strength of signals from cell towers. Even reflective glass can minimize how well your cell phone works. Metal, concrete, and brick are the best materials for durable buildings, but they are also the worst materials to get a cell signal through. Even insulation can hinder cell signals.

Use Wi-Fi

One solution is to offer Wi-Fi in your office, so you and your staff don’t have to worry about connecting to cell towers. You can enable Wi-Fi calling on your phone to receive phone calls. Depending on your network, using Wi-Fi may be quicker than trying to use 4G or 5G if your phone switched between towers.

Install a Signal Booster

The best way to bring a strong cell signal inside your building is with a distributed antenna system (DAS). A cellular DAS antenna can provide coverage throughout your entire property, no matter the size. You can connect multiple devices and enjoy seamless connectivity as you move throughout your building. Even stairways, elevators, and basements will receive coverage.

Work with the experts at Harris Communications to find out how to improve your building’s cellular reception as soon as possible. Dropped calls can mean missed opportunities for your business. Modernize your building to stay ahead of the game.

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