How To Choose an Installer for Your DAS System
How To Choose an Installer for Your DAS System
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Getting the most out of your distributed antenna system (DAS) is important when it’s key to keeping your staff connected. Know how to choose an installer for your DAS system so that the system is installed properly. Further, you’ll have someone to maintain it if you choose a good company. Find out what else to look out for when looking for DAS installers.

Multiple Services

Find a DAS provider that offers multiple types of services. In addition to cellular DAS, your building may need or require public safety DAS as well. The best installers also offer monitoring and turnkey solutions. Further, they will repair your equipment if it needs to be replaced.

Customizable Options

Professional DAS installers know that every business is unique. Choose a company that allows you to pick and choose which services you need rather than cookie-cutter packages.

Original Designs

The best DAS installers design a unique installation that works for your building and property. It may combine passive and active DAS or use a primary system. Experienced professionals know how to work around thick building materials and can expertly place antennas, so your signal never fails.

Pro Tip: Talk to people you know about their DAS solutions and the contractor who installed them. You can also check reviews to find the best business in town.

Excellent Customer Service

Choose a company that’s willing to answer your questions and take time to explain the process. You should know what to expect from your DAS installation process. Work with professionals you trust when you find reliable DAS solution providers that treat you with respect.

Figuring out how to choose an installer for your DAS system is as important as choosing the right system for your property. Work with a trusted company to help you make the most important decisions. You can’t be an expert in everything, so work with the people who specialize in this necessary technology. Harris Communications hires trained installers with professional experience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you prevent dropped calls.

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