How to Boost Cell Signal in Concrete and Metal Buildings
How To Boost Cell Reception in Concrete and Metal Buildings
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While concrete and metal are strong building materials, they also block out cell signals. Cellular signals work the same way as radio frequencies, starting strong at their source and becoming weaker the farther they get from the tower. If you manage a building or own a company, it’s important to know how to fix bad cell reception in buildings. This will ensure that your staff, clients, and emergency personnel never experience zero bars. Read on to find out how to boost cell signal in buildings and get maximum coverage.

Check Your Cell Signal

One of the first ways to boost cell reception is to check to see how strong of a signal your building receives and take corrective action. You never know where a cell tower may be, and your company could be close or very far from one. Use your cell phone’s settings to find the frequency your phone is operating with. The units that measure cell phone frequency are decibel-milliwatts (dBm). Metal buildings can subtract up to -50 dBm from your device’s strength.

Minimize Interference

One step you can take toward boosting your cell reception in a metal or concrete building is minimizing its interference. In addition to your building materials, all sorts of things can interfere with your cell signal. Start by keeping your Wi-Fi routers away from areas where people commonly use cell devices. Furthermore, eliminate bulky metal shelving that prevents signals from passing through walls.

Install a Cellular Repeater

If the signal in your building isn’t strong enough or you’re experiencing interference, you can amplify and broadcast your carrier signal with a cellular repeater or bi-directional amplifier. An installer will mount the repeater on the roof or another exterior section of your building. They’ll then place a transmitter or a series of transmitters inside the building, which will distribute the cell signal that the repeater captures outside to your devices.

Harris Communications can install a cellular DAS system in your building to help improve connections among staff, guests, and emergency personnel who enter your property. Knowing how to boost cell signal in buildings is often a job best left to the professionals. Contact us today to find out how we can design solutions for your business.

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