How Public Safety DAS Systems Work
How Public Safety DAS Systems Work
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Keeping people safe is a top priority for first responders, whether they’re arriving at a public or a private business. No matter what type of property you manage, you should be prepared for an emergency of any kind. One way is by installing a public safety distributed antenna system (DAS) throughout your building. It is important to understand how public safety DAS systems work and what is required to keep them operating.

Boost Emergency Radio Frequencies

The main difference between a public safety DAS and a cellular DAS is that a public safety DAS boosts radio signals while a cellular DAS boosts cell signals. When you install a cellular DAS in your building, you should include an emergency responder radio coverage system (ERRCS). First responders typically use two-way radios to keep in contact, and you can improve their communications—and the safety of the people inside your building—by installing a public safety DAS.

Install Signal Boosters

To have public safety DAS installed in your building, a team of professionals will survey your property and design a system that will provide your building or property with optimum coverage. As with passive DAS designs, professionals install a series of signal repeaters for public safety DAS.

Follow Requirements for Public Safety DAS

  • You must have a battery backup for your DAS in case you lose power during an emergency.
  • Your antennas must have NEMA-4 enclosures that are designed to withstand fire and water.
  • The signal of your antennas must meet a minimum requirement.
  • Test your system regularly to make sure it’s working correctly and perform needed maintenance.

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. Managing a property is a large responsibility, but you can sleep soundly knowing that you’ve invested in the right insurances and assurances. An EERCS is one of those assurances. Contact the experts at Harris Communications to find out more about how public safety DAS systems work and learn more about our solution to network coverage for your building.

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