Cellular DAS Installations

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Installations By the Experts At Harris Communications

Distributed Antenna System Installation

Strengthen your business by eliminating weak mobile phone and wireless signals. Harris Communications helps you dramatically improve cell phone reception by installing a state-of-the-art Distributed Antenna System (DAS) inside your building.

As a business professional, you do not want dropped calls or bad cell phone reception. Reliable cell phone coverage is absolutely essential in emergency situations.

Contact our cellular DAS installation experts for design services and consultations when you need a distributed antenna system installed in your building.

As leading DAS solution providers, we serve commercial clients throughout the continental US, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, New York, Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi. Our products are guaranteed to boost the signal strength of all wireless devices, including cellular phones, smart phones, tablets, and PDAs. In addition to cellular DAS installation, we also provide the following services:

Improve Your Cell Phone Signal

Walking around and trying to find a good signal is an ineffective way improve cell phone reception. Enjoy a steady strong signal wherever you go in your building with our cellular DAS installation service. Our DAS systems are excellent for entertainment venues, hospitals, campuses, airports, hotels, and conference centers.

You receive only the best services when you rely on a DAS solution provider like Harris Communications, because we design, engineer, install, and maintain our enhanced wireless networks. Most importantly, we make every effort to improve cell phone reception from any mobile phone provider, including (but not limited to) Verizon®, AT&T®, Alltel®, T-Mobile®, and US Cellular®.

In-Building Cellular DAS Installation for Improved Safety

Emergencies happen. That last thing you need when you have to make an important call is bad cell phone reception. Serving customers nationwide, Harris Communications uses amplified cellular products to ensure you always have reception—no matter where you are.

By providing distributed antenna systems installation, we improve the safety of those on college campuses, parking lots, and areas of poor cell phone reception. Our network of active repeaters, splitters, and feeders optimized buildings and areas to ensure a dependable signal.


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Turnkey Distributed Antenna Systems Installation & Services

Don’t be left without a signal when you’re on an important call. Our distributed antenna systems installation ensures that you never have a dropped call. From tall skyscrapers and large sporting venues to university campuses and parking garages, Harris Communications provides cutting-edge turkey distributed antenna solutions throughout the United States that deliver exceptional and reliable performance.

DAS Leasing : Affordable DAS Installation Solutions

You deserve the best solutions and the most reasonable prices when you want in-building DAS installation. We offer cost-effective DAS leasing agreements that cater to your needs and budget. This is one of the many advantages of working with our company. We care about our customers and strive to make our services affordable.