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Distributed Antenna Systems Products that Improve Signal Strength

Do you experience dropped calls and unreliable service? Harris Communications has a distributed antenna solution for you. We provide DAS design and consultation services that improve wireless frequency coverage for any location. Whether you are located in a stadium, hospital, hotel, or large building, we ensure you always have wireless, voice, and data coverage.

As a business owner or a consumer, you expect your mobile phone to work anytime and everywhere. Our distributed antenna systems products expand wireless mobility inside, allowing work to be done anywhere. Best of all, we provide DAS design, custom DAS engineering, and comprehensive installation services for customer nationwide.

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Boosting Mobile Phone Signals with a Cellular Repeater

A cellular repeater, or a bi-directional amplifier, boosts mobile phones signals through antennas and amplifiers. You’re never too far away from our DAS antennas because we install them throughout your building or location. The DAS consulting team at Harris Communications provides free phone consultations to help you determine the best distributed antenna systems products to meet your needs.

Using a state-of-the-art cellular repeater as a cell phone signal booster, you can expect consistent reception regardless of your location. Since 1990, our DAS company has proudly provided quality products and services for customers throughout the nation, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, New York, Alabama, and Mississippi.

DAS Consulting &
Turnkey DAS Solutions

It takes more than one cell phone signal booster to improve your wireless reception. Turn to our highly experienced technicians and engineering teams to design a system that is right for your needs. We design, install, and service our distributed antenna systems products to improve your company’s cellular, voice, and data capabilities. Some of the benefits of using Harris Communications for DAS consulting include:

  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Precise Project Quotes
  • Affordable & State-of-the-Art DAS design
  • Improved Safety, Efficiency, & Productivity
  • Nationwide In-House Design, Installation, & Service
  • FCC & Carrier-Approved Signal Boosting Equipment
  • Enhanced Mobile Phone Reception from All Cellular Providers
  • Improved Signal Strength for Multiple Carriers on a Single Network

Comprehensive DAS Upgrades

Technology changes and so do your wireless needs. When you require DAS upgrades at your business or location, Harris Communications has cost-effective and advanced solutions for you. We inspect your facility, determine whether your current system is underperforming, and provide the best solution for you.


Other Services

DAS Install
Contact our DAS installation experts for design services and consultations when you need a distributed antenna system installed in your building.

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DAS Service & Repair
Turn to Harris Communications for prompt and affordable DAS repair. As technology continues to change, you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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Public Safety DAS
When you need ensure that emergency responders can maintain wireless communications within a building structure in emergency situations, ask Harris Communications to build and instal your Public Safety DAS.

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Turnkey Solutions
Harris Communications provides cutting-edge distributed antenna systems throughout the United States that deliver exceptional and reliable performance.

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