Cellular DAS Systems

Cellular DAS System

A cellular DAS system is the perfect solution for uninterrupted cell coverage throughout your building. A cellular Distributed Antenna System is ideal for any size property, providing a flawless cellular connection in your facility. Eliminate dropped calls and bad receptions by integrating a cellular system into your structure, which promotes efficient and reliable communication. A system of small antennas is used to distribute a signal throughout your facility, providing excellent coverage. Cellular distributed antenna systems are a turnkey solution to any connectivity and communication challenges inside your facility.

Benefits of Cellular DAS Solution

Cellular DAS systems are a great way to boost cell signals in commercial and high-rise buildings, including businesses and schools. They are specifically designed to enhance data usage and support coverage across multiple devices at once. This way your team always has the means to remain in contact with one another. Since communication is vital to the success of your business, this can make all the difference when improving your overall productivity and efficiency.

Cellular DAS System Coverage

As a lasting solution, a cellular distributed antenna system covers large areas while delivering extremely reliable coverage. Harris Communications designs and installs cellular DAS systems that provide the required coverage when you need it the most. With our reliable setups, you’ll never need to worry about losing connection during your busiest times, and your operations will always remain on track.

Cellular DAS in Public Safety

Cellular DAS systems play a key role in public safety situations, ensuring safety and fast response in critical situations. Some states require cellular distributed antenna systems in case of emergency situations so that first responders have a clear way of communicating. These systems enhance public safety by providing fast and dependable cellular transmissions when needed.

Overcome your connectivity challenges with our cutting-edge cellular DAS solution designed for your specific needs. Contact us today at the number below to learn more about our advanced connective systems.