Building Materials That Cause Poor Cell Phone Reception
Building Materials That Cause Poor Cell Phone Reception
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Experiencing constant cell phone signal drops at work is frustrating. While you may find them mostly unavoidable, knowing the building materials that cause poor cell phone reception can help you identify areas in your office or facility you can redesign. Find a solution to your connection problems that doesn’t make you compromise your building design.

Clear Glass

While you might expect cell signals to travel right through glass, clear glass refracts radio frequencies. Even low-energy glass can bounce cell tower signals back, preventing them from entering your building so you can connect.

Hard Wood

Regardless of the type of wood used to construct your building, it may be absorbing the cell signal and hindering you from accessing it. The wood doors and wood in your ceilings and walls can cause connection issues. The more solid the wood, the more likely it is to cause connection problems. Even thin plywood can hinder a connection.

Drywall and Insulation

The more layers of building material you add, the harder it is to connect to cell towers while you are inside. Drywall alone can cause some connectivity issues. When combined with fiberglass insulation, the hindrance is increased.

Thick Brick

Few commercial buildings are made of brick, but if you happen to open a small business or private practice out of an old brick building, you’ll have to deal with getting a cell signal through brick. Brick is one of the thickest building materials. It’s made from clay and nearly shuts out cell signals.

Concrete Material

Most modern buildings are made with concrete. Whether it is a school, hospital, office building, or a skyscraper, you’ll find concrete in the design. Concrete is cheap and durable, but it does nothing for cell phone signals. The basements of concrete buildings are especially difficult to receive signals in.

Modern Metal

Another popular material that modern buildings are built with is metal. It’s very difficult to get a cell phone signal through this material regardless of if you use aluminum, steel, brass, iron, etc. Even if you just have a metal roof, you may experience cell phone signal drops.

The building materials that cause poor cell phone reception are unavoidable for most companies. You need a sturdy building to run your operation. To counter poor reception, install a distributed antenna system to boost your signal. Harris Communications are your cellular DAS solution providers. Contact our experts today to get started.

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