4 Reasons Healthcare Facilities Are Investing in DAS
4 Reasons Healthcare Facilities Are Investing in DAS
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Communication is essential for every industry, but it is critical in healthcare, where timelines are much tighter. Unfortunately, in buildings like hospitals and other healthcare facilities, the number of walls and amount of insulation can make communication difficult. As a result, more healthcare facilities have been investing in DAS, and here are four reasons why.

Reduced Cost

On top of some of the more obvious benefits of better communication in a healthcare facility, DAS also lowers your costs. Because they make real-time communication much easier, workers can access their patient data much faster, saving both time and money. This ease of communication will also create a more robust infrastructure to adopt newer applications. Previously, technology may have been effective in a healthcare facility, but it was not integrated because of communication hurdles.

First Responder Communication

There are a lot of people who work in the healthcare industry, but there are some whose jobs are much more time-sensitive, such as first-responders. These workers rely on two-way radios to communicate with each other to address emergencies in the facility. If they cannot communicate properly, the entire facility will suffer. Thankfully with DAS systems, they can communicate easily and in real-time, meaning that when problems do arise, they can address them quickly.

Better Healthcare Outcomes

When there is better communication due to DAS systems, medical professionals can access patient information quicker. In addition to patient information, they can also learn more about patient history, drug combinations, disease complications, and treatments. Overall, this speed can improve the patient experience and guarantee them the best service possible.

A Simplified Network

DAS systems will also offer connectivity for everyone in the healthcare facility area. This connectivity means that on top of the staff and patients improving workflow, families waiting in lobbies will also have a better experience. There is so much communication between parties inside these facilities, but there is often even more communication between patients, families, and doctors. A DAS system makes this communication possible, and it ensures that when someone is on the network, it doesn’t interfere with the critical network services doctors and nurses require.

These are four reasons healthcare facilities are investing in DAS, and they make a lot of sense when you consider how vital communication is for the industry. At Harris Communications, we understand just how necessary accessible and clear communication can be, which is why we help install DAS systems and effective emergency responder radio coverage systems. We want to make sure that emergency responders can clearly communicate with each other to ensure patients are getting the timely and thorough care they need.

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