3 Effective Ways To Better Manage Security on Campus
3 Effective Ways To Better Manage Security on Campus
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A campus is an area where students and faculty should feel safe. Unfortunately, dangers exist, and sometimes there are not enough protections in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Consider these three effective ways to better manage security on campus and improve the safety of any academic institution.

Have Proper Lighting

A significant factor that can hurt your campus security is lighting. During the day, there can still be many dark corners under the cover of buildings and trees and in hallways or stairwells. The amount of coverage grows at night, making students and faculty feel unsafe. Anything can be hiding in that darkness, and not only could something happen to someone, but people passing by are less likely to notice and intervene or call for help. Thankfully, you can better prevent these hidden areas by installing proper lighting in all sections of campus, so issues are less likely to occur.

Reliable Avenues for Communication

Most school campuses are on large properties; there are many wide-open areas where it can be easy to call someone, but communication may be difficult at other points across the campus. Many universities turn to Blue Light Boxes as a solution, allowing students to call campus security with a press of a button.

Unfortunately, these boxes proved ineffective and stand as more a symbol of safety today. In emergencies, people often turn to cell phones instead. Calling can be effective, but people need reliable cell phone coverage—something that’s not always available in emergencies. On your campus, ensure that people have cellular service everywhere and that radio communication can also happen successfully.

Update Security Cameras

Another effective way to better manage security on campus is installing or updating your security cameras. Many institutions or businesses have outdated security cameras that glitch or provide grainy footage, making it impossible to identify what’s happening. By upgrading your security cameras, you can better identify issues when they happen. The improved cameras will also act as a deterrent for other incidents. This way, students and faculty can feel safe and stay safe simultaneously.

There are many ways you can better manage security on campus, and some are easier to implement while others require help. For example, if you want to heighten communication capabilities and cellular coverage on your campus, consider in-building DAS solutions from Harris Communications. We understand how crucial proper coverage is to ensuring security, and we will help construct that system for your campus to make sure you have no more dead zones.

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