What is the FCC?
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fcc-logoMany of you have heard people in the wireless and telecommunications industry refer to the FCC.  The FCC stands for the Federal Communications Commission.  The FCC is a US government entity responsible for regulating communications industries. As an agency of the United States, the FCC is  charged with regulating essentially all communications in or originating in the United States. This means that the FCC is responsible for administering the television and radio airwaves, satellite and cable transmissions, and telegrah communications. The FCC was created as a direct successor to the Federal Radio Commission, the federal body in charge of radio communications within the United States. With the advent of television, it was apparent that a body with a broader mission would be necessary, and it made sense to group a number of similar duties together under one umbrella. The Congress created the FCC with the Communications Act of 1934.

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) handles nearly all FCC domestic wireless telecommunications programs, policies, and outreach initiatives.  The WTB makes sure that cellular providers wireless service providers are following guidelines and implementing solutions that will not disrupt pre-existing wireless communication.   Harris Communications designs and installs cellular repeater solutions that are FCC compliant.

If you are looking into a wireless solutions, particularly commercial cellular repeaters, make sure you are working with an experienced company that follows the FCC guidelines.  Harris Communications is an experienced firm that adheres to FCC regulations.  If you want to know more about how the FCC regulations impact a wireless solution feel fee to contact us.

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