What Does 5G Mean for Building Coverage?
What Does 5G Mean for Building Coverage?
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The fifth generation of mobile technology was introduced in 2019, and for many, it seems like there haven’t been any advancements made since. While 5G is quicker and guaranteed to change the way we live, the short wavelengths that allow for better connections are also what prevent it from reaching far distances. Due to this technology’s limitations, it’s understandable that people have been wondering, what does 5G mean for building coverage?

Today, mobile networks are typically accessed while users are outdoors, though most people use their phones while inside. For the past couple years, many believed it wouldn’t be possible to get 5G coverage in buildings, but new technologies are emerging. A distributed antenna system (DAS) from Harris Communications is how hotels, hospitals, colleges, and other facilities can stay connected to the fastest network available.

Get a Better Connection With 5G Coverage

People already make careful decisions about which devices, brands, and models they should choose. They’re given an added stress when it comes to picking a wireless network. 5G is so fast that it will likely become the preferred network—even to Wi-Fi—once it’s rolled out in more cities and regions. People won’t want to switch between networks and will stick with the one that provides no lag and the fastest download speeds.

Challenges of 5G

The people who never thought it would be possible to get 5G indoors were right to anticipate challenges. 5G doesn’t travel far or go through walls. If you work in a building that experiences connectivity problems in the basement or hallways, you can imagine the issues could be worse with 5G. You might be concerned about the day when your area offers only 5G and you’ll have to switch to a 5G phone. How will your building ensure that your calls aren’t dropped while you are at work?

Harris Communications specializes in cellular DAS installations. Our professionals will analyze your space and ensure no one in your building is ever far from a DAS antenna. Using a cellular repeater, we can boost your mobile phone’s signal. Find out what 5g means for building coverage in 2021 when you work with our experts.

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