The Ubiquitous Cell Phone Demands Quality Coverage!
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Came across this article when I was checking out the news in our region.  The area that is referenced is long overdue for cellular coverage.

This just reaffirms how much society relies on and expects quality cellular coverage:

New Tower Might Help With Dropped Calls in Rural York County

A new cell tower planned in southern York County could bring relief for wireless customers fed up with missed calls and shaky reception.  Cell service has been lousy for years in the rural areas south of Rock Hill. The 200-foot tower proposed by Comporium Communications would boost coverage from an unlikely spot – a corner of the driving range at the Rock Hill Country Club.  “Cellular telephone coverage in this area is very weak or non-existent for Comporium and other wireless carriers,” said Keith Powell of Oasis Consulting of the Carolinas, a company pitching the facility…….

Go here to read the article in its entirety.

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