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Is your place of business riddled with communication snags? Dead spots? Dropped calls? A location that is a trouble spot for communication can be both an inconvenience and a safety hazard. If yours is like most commercial businesses, then you can’t afford communication problems in your location. Harris Communications has been designing, installing and maintaining...
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Harris Communications works with an international finance company to design and install a multi-carrier cellular repeater solution for their national US office.
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Harris Communications implements commercial repeater solution for health care companies administrative building. Copper system with spot coverage, designed to accommodate key areas in the facility.
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Harris Communications has worked with hospitals throughout the country to eliminate dropped calls with the installation of commercial cellular repeaters.
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Harris Communications has implemented Bi-Directional Amplifier Solutions in facilities throughout the United States.
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Harris Communications recently completed the 2nd and final phase of the commercial cellular project for the Van Andel Cancer Institute.  This facility’s 2nd phase is a Leed Certified building and we extended our 1st phase multi-carrier distributed antenna system (DAS) into it adding Nextel in addition to providing  in-building coverage with Verizon and AT&T.
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Cellular Phone Reception Cell phone reception is the strength of the connection the cell phone has to its network.  There are a variety of factors that impact cellular signal, such as proximity to a tower.  Most mobile devices use a set of bars of varying heights to display the strength of the signal where the...
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This is a great question.  We have mentioned “dual band amplifiers” in the past.  When we talk about dual band we are generally referring to an amplifier.  This means the amplifier is built to amplify/enhance signals for both the 800 MHz cellular or the 1900 MHz PCS frequencies.
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It is important to be able to determine the cellular signal in and around your building for us to provide an accurate budgetary cost to you. Check out the information below that details how to put the various cellular phones in test mode. If you do not see your particular cellular phone on our list...
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Cellular coverage is an absolute necessity these days. Avoiding dead zones in coverage is paramount for any business. But with all of the cellular towers dotting the landscape, it does not seem possible for any kind of lull in cellular coverage. There are however dead zones, especially when inside buildings with metal shielding, thick concrete...
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