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Is your place of business riddled with communication snags? Dead spots? Dropped calls? A location that is a trouble spot for communication can be both an inconvenience and a safety hazard. If yours is like most commercial businesses, then you can’t afford communication problems in your location. Harris Communications has been designing, installing and maintaining...
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What is a DAS system? DAS stands for Distributed Antenna System, which is a system that allows for the use of cell phones and other wireless devices in areas that do not have direct access to a cell tower or power source. Cellular DAS works by receiving power from a radio frequency (RF) source, and...
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Harris Communications works with boutique hotel in historic location to design and install a commercial cellular repeater solution.
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Harris Communications works with a rural Energy Facility to boost cellular signal in their administrative offices.
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Although everyone expects the voice and data capabilities of their mobile devices to simply work everywhere, there are significant technical and financial challenges to making this a reality. This post provides an overview of distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions for in-building wireless coverage for cellular voice services. It also provides a brief look at the...
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When establishing smaller cellular networks for your business property, you must have a basic understanding of what you’re working with. Microcell towers are individual pieces of your overall communications system, expanding and enhancing your microcell coverage in small increments. With one of these solutions at your disposal, you can create a fully customized and secure...
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This is a great question.  We have mentioned “dual band amplifiers” in the past.  When we talk about dual band we are generally referring to an amplifier.  This means the amplifier is built to amplify/enhance signals for both the 800 MHz cellular or the 1900 MHz PCS frequencies.
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It is important to be able to determine the cellular signal in and around your building for us to provide an accurate budgetary cost to you. Check out the information below that details how to put the various cellular phones in test mode. If you do not see your particular cellular phone on our list...
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Came across this article when I was checking out the news in our region.  The area that is referenced is long overdue for cellular coverage. This just reaffirms how much society relies on and expects quality cellular coverage: New Tower Might Help With Dropped Calls in Rural York County A new cell tower planned in...
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The next generation of wireless communications beyond today’s digital PCS technologies.
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