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The dramatic increase in the use of wireless devices and applications has accelerated the need for indoor antenna systems to strengthen the on-premises wireless signal within businesses, schools, hospitals and other facilities.  These Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are often a significant financial investment for the wireless service providers and/or building owners.  Harris Communications provides a...
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Are dropped cellular phone calls leaving your tenants and residents frustrated? If this is all too familiar for you and your tenants are not satisfied with the with the performance of wireless devices in the building, Harris Communications has solutions that will be of interest to you.   We offer single and multiple carrier designs that...
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Harris Communications works with boutique hotel in historic location to design and install a commercial cellular repeater solution.
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A Yagi antenna, also known as a Yagi-Uda array or simply aYagi, is a unidirectional antenna commonly used in communications when a frequency is above 10 MHz.  This type of antenna is low profile and ideal for cellular enhancement applications.
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When establishing smaller cellular networks for your business property, you must have a basic understanding of what you’re working with. Microcell towers are individual pieces of your overall communications system, expanding and enhancing your microcell coverage in small increments. With one of these solutions at your disposal, you can create a fully customized and secure...
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Cellular Repeater Solutions can be designed to suit any size facility and repeat as few or as many carriers that the building owner desires.  The outline below details how they work:
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As defined by PCIA, The Wireless Infastructure Association: A Distributed Antenna Solution, or DAS, is a network of spatially separated antenna nodes connected to a common source via a transport medium that provides wireless service within a geographic area or structure. DAS antenna elevations are generally at or below the clutter level and installations are...
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PCS Personal communication service (PCS) is a second-generation mobile communications technology also referred to as digital cellular. The digital service, which works over CDMA and TDMA interfaces, operates at the 1900 MHz frequency range.
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A macrocell is a cell in a mobile phone network that provides radio coverage served by a power cellular base station (tower). Generally, macrocells provide coverage larger than microcells. The antennas for macrocells are mounted on ground-based masts, rooftops and other existing structures, at a height that provides a clear view over the surrounding buildings...
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