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Harris Communications implements commercial repeater solution for health care companies administrative building. Copper system with spot coverage, designed to accommodate key areas in the facility.
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Harris Communications works with a rural Energy Facility to boost cellular signal in their administrative offices.
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Harris Communications has worked with hospitals throughout the country to eliminate dropped calls with the installation of commercial cellular repeaters.
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It is more and more common for first-responders, (Police/Fire/EMS), to demand reliable ubiquitous radio coverage to ensure the safety of the public, as well as their own.  In many instances poor in-building radio coverage has a negative impact on first responders ability to communicate effectively in a crisis situation.  The prevailing thought today is that...
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When establishing smaller cellular networks for your business property, you must have a basic understanding of what you’re working with. Microcell towers are individual pieces of your overall communications system, expanding and enhancing your microcell coverage in small increments. With one of these solutions at your disposal, you can create a fully customized and secure...
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Great question!  Most likely, the trees between you and the tower have leafed out.  We have had a few situations in which a clients reception was impacted by the trees around their office building. 
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Came across this article when I was checking out the news in our region.  The area that is referenced is long overdue for cellular coverage. This just reaffirms how much society relies on and expects quality cellular coverage: New Tower Might Help With Dropped Calls in Rural York County A new cell tower planned in...
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Cellular Repeater Solutions can be designed to suit any size facility and repeat as few or as many carriers that the building owner desires.  The outline below details how they work:
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DAS is the acronym we use in the wireless industry for DISTRIBUTIVE ANTENNA SYSTEM (DAS).
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Each frequency range has a band designator and each range of frequencies behaves differently and performs different functions. The frequency spectrum is shared by civil, government, and military users of all nations according to International Telecommunications Union (ITU) radio regulations. For communications purposes, the usable frequency spectrum now extends from about 3Hz to about 300GHz....
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