What is a Site Survey?
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Harris Communications has conducted site surveys throughout the United States.  The purpose of a site survey is to determine what type of solution and design will work best for a specific facility.  In most cases it is not feasible to provide an accurate estimate based on square footage of a facility alone.  There are quite a few variables that structures can contribute to each project.  The best way to get an accurate and efficient solution is to schedule a site survey prior to commissioning a design.We offer site surveys to most locations within the continental United States.  It is standard practice to send out a qualified Harris Communications technician who will conduct the survey.  We are generally able to schedule site surveys two weeks to one month from the time the survey is requested.

The information required prior to the actual survey is fairly basic but absolutely necessary:

  1. Simple drawings of the building(s) to be enhanced

  2. Identification of potential equipment room(s)

  3. We send a form for the client to fill out with general questions about the construction of the facility, desired carriers, etc

We will identify the carrier frequencies prior to the trip so we can effectively identify the outside signal.  It is imperative that we have roof access to determine what the outside carrier signals are.  This allows us to select the amplifier that will best meet our clients need.  In some cases we have designed solutions without a site survey but we are generally hesitant to do so.  It is incredibly difficult to determine accurate cable runs, equipment rooms and potential obstacles a structure may present.

If you would like to learn more about a site survey and how it will benefit your organization feel free to call or email us.  It is generally more cost effective to schedule a site survey because we do not have to “over design” to compensate for the variables that your building may present.  Are there specific questions you have about your facility or how a site survey may be beneficial?

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