Improving Your Cellular Coverage
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Sometimes cellular coverage can be hindered by some building construction material. Thicker cement with metal bracing and some roofing materials can block a cell phone signal. A cellular repeater can help get around the natural blocking of cement with metal which block radio signals and in turn hinder cellular coverage. Foil backing on foam or fiberglass insulation reduces transmitting capabilities of cell phones. Energy efficient windows or windows with metal screens also can block weak radio frequency. Overall, materials which have the ability to absorb normal radiation will decrease signal strength. A cellular repeater can get around the problems depending on where it is perched.

Larger buildings hinder cellular coverage in many cases especially in factories, hospitals and warehouses. A cellular repeater can boost weak signal throughout a warehouse and employees who need to keep their cell phones on them at all times can stay in contact. A cellular repeater can also work for basements where the earth itself can reduce cellular coverage. Underground areas in malls, restaurants, or other shops are harder places to keep cell phone signal. This means businesses would do well to keep an external antenna to channel in signals from the outside in conjunction with repeaters to make sure customers and employees alike have service.

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