Improving Cellular Reception in Hospitals
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Commercial Cellular RepeatersDropped Call Doldrums

If you are frustrated by poor cell phone reception and dropped calls in your facility, you are not alone.  Hospitals are notorious for poor to nonexistent cell phone coverage.  There are a variety of factors that may contribute to poor coverage.  In many cases it is the construction of your hospital that prohibits cell signals from propagating.  In some cases the lead lined walls around the X-Ray area impacts reception.  It could be the topography outside of your hospital that is causing less than adequate cell phone service.  There is also a lot of equipment in a hospital that holds the potential to diminish cellular reception.

The Benefits of Cellular Service in Your Hospital

As wireless technology advances, it serves more and more functions in top notch facilities.  In some cases a hospital may move away from an antiquated pager system to PDA’s and Smart Phones.  Having a staff that has up to the minute access to pages, X-Rays and various other patient data is invaluable.  The use of a wireless system to communicate throughout the hospital makes it more efficient to share information.  A physician or nurse is not limited to being on a computer terminal to receive information about patients.  Seamless transfer of data ensures your staff has up to the minute information about the people in their care.  The end result?  Better customer service, effective communication and more satisfied visitors.  Not to mention that visitors will not be frustrated by dropped calls and dead zones.

Where Do You Begin In Looking For a Cellular Repeater Solution?

You will want to begin by defining what solution you are seeking, where the problem areas are and what particular carriers you are interested in enhancing.  We generally recommend a site survey to determine the exact layout of your facility, construction of your hospital and where the proposed solution would generally be laid out in your facility.  In some cases there have been additions over the years or perhaps there are other wireless solutions that we need to be aware of to make sure the wireless solution we implement does not cause interference.  There are a lot of variables in a repeater solution that can impact the cost of your solution.  A site survey minimizes unexpected costs and allows engineers to implement an effective and efficient solution.

Harris Communications Provides Custom Solutions

We have implemented solutions in facilities throughout the United States.  If you would like to learn more feel free to contact us today and together we can determine what will best suit your needs and your budget.  We earn satisfied clients by providing quality installations and comprehensive solutions.

Here are a few of the facilities we have worked in:

Contact our knowledgeable staff today and you could have solid cellular coverage in your hospital in no time.  We approach each facility as a unique project and will work with you to get all the information we need to design and implement the ideal solution for your needs.

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