How to find your cell phone service provider’s tower location & frequency
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Cell Phone UseHow Do you Find Your Providers Closest Tower?

Your cell phone service provider’s tower is not likely to be the one you see every day next to the 7/11.  The big service providers, like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and TMobile do not share towers with one another, except in uncommon circumstances. It is imperative that you identify your tower location before you invest in a cellular repeater solution.

  • Also, it is not uncommon for a customer to tell us that there is no cell phone tower within fifty miles of his/her cabin in Colorado or Washington State, and when we look the information up, we discover that their service provider has a cell phone tower right in their zip code.
  • You can find your cell phone service provider’s towers by dialing 611 on your cell phone and asking the customer service person where their closest tower is. If they act snooty, hang up and hit the redial button. It is public information and they will tell you.
  • Another way find the tower is to simply walk around your building with your cell phone. The side with the strongest signal is likely the side the tower is on.
  • Two find the frequency or frequencies your cell phone service provider uses at your project site go to Once there just type your zip code in the search box and click.
  • Don’t get confused if several frequencies are shown. No service provider uses anything but 850 MHz and 1900 MHz (except Nextel). Some use only one and some use both. Any other frequency that is shown is for future use.
  • If you have Nextel, that’s all you need to know concerning frequency because you will need to call Nextel at 611 and ask them what they are using.
  • If you have a Sprint or Nextel hybrid cell phone with push-to-talk you need to call 611. The Sprint part of the phone will use 1900 MHz, but you need to inquire what the Nextel part is using (Nextel is re-banding in some areas.
  • A couple of websites show tower locations. However, the FCC does not require cell phone service providers to plot their towers on a map. If they are above 110’, the FAA does require that they be plotted. At the very best, trying to find your cell phone service provider’s tower on a website is an arduous process and, at worst a complete waste of time.

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