Ace Hotel Cellular Repeater Solution – New York City
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Ace Hotel- New York, NY

Ace Hotel has several locations throughout the United States and is a thriving urban hotel chain.  They are known for their hip style, unique locations and are often called a boutique hotel.  The New York location is a 12-story building in the heart of midtown Manhattan.  There are 260 rooms and the hotel is located near the theater district.   The Ace Hotel concept reinvents historical buildings, creates a bohemian and organic design that is environmentally friendly and offers affordable rates along with luxury amenities.

Ace Hotel was preparing to open their newest location in New York, NY and they realized that the cellular reception was slim to non-existent in the building.  The hotel chain offers free Wi-Fi and operates under the premise that they offer luxury amenities in historical buildings in major metropolitan cities throughout the United States.  With this premise in mind, the proprietors wanted to ensure that guests have adequate cellular reception throughout the hotel.  Ace Hotel found Harris Communications online and quickly contracted with us to implement a custom designed, multiple carrier cellular repeater solution.

The Ace Hotel is situated in the former Breslin Hotel, originally built in 1904.  The building itself is 12 stories and is surrounded by newer and larger buildings from all directions.  The size of the building as well as the historical construction of the facility resulted in poor cellular signal throughout the hotel.  Ace Hotel incorporates green eco-friendly aspects as well as sustainable elements in the design.  In some instances green friendly design materials block cellular signals and prevent adequate in-building coverage.  The cellular signal was available outside of the building, Harris Communications designed a solution that would pull the outside signal into the building and repeat it throughout the newly remodeled hotel.

Harris Communications designed a multiple carrier Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) solution guaranteed that cellular signals would propagate throughout the building effectively and facilitate cellular reception throughout the building. The BDA solution has a Distributive Antenna Solution (DAS) backbone.  This system incorporates a non-invasive installation that was implemented without disrupting the progress of the Ace Hotel grand opening.  We were able to design a solution that delivered cellular service without compromising the historical integrity of the building.  This solution does not require upgrades and will serve the hotels needs for years to come.

Distributed Antenna System Benefits

Ace Hotel can guarantee full cellular coverage throughout the hotel.  The solution implemented by Harris Communications has eliminated the possibility of dropped calls and poor cellular coverage in the hotel.  The greatest benefit is that the Ace Hotel can continue to deliver outstanding service in a hip environment without the concern of guests experiencing poor and/or non-existent cellular coverage.

About Harris Communications

Harris Communications is a leading provider of in-building cellular signal enhancement and wireless solutions for commercial applications. They have more than 20 years of experience and have implemented wireless enhancement solutions in facilities throughout the United States. Harris Communications is a turnkey company and handles every aspect from the design, installation and maintenance of the required systems.

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