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Our engineers custom design wireless solutions for our clients to suit specific needs.  
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Many of you have heard people in the wireless and telecommunications industry refer to the FCC.  The FCC stands for the Federal Communications Commission.  The FCC is a US government entity responsible for regulating communications industries.
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PCS Personal communication service (PCS) is a second-generation mobile communications technology also referred to as digital cellular. The digital service, which works over CDMA and TDMA interfaces, operates at the 1900 MHz frequency range.
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A cellular network is a radio network made up of a number of radio cells (or just cells) each served by at least one fixed-location transceiver known as a cell site or base station.
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A macrocell is a cell in a mobile phone network that provides radio coverage served by a power cellular base station (tower). Generally, macrocells provide coverage larger than microcells. The antennas for macrocells are mounted on ground-based masts, rooftops and other existing structures, at a height that provides a clear view over the surrounding buildings...
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