Distributive Antenna Solutions for Hospitals
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It is more and more common for first-responders, (Police/Fire/EMS), to demand reliable ubiquitous radio coverage to ensure the safety of the public, as well as their own.  In many instances poor in-building radio coverage has a negative impact on first responders ability to communicate effectively in a crisis situation.  The prevailing thought today is that “Mission-critical” coverage can no longer end at the hospital doorway, basement, or stairwell. 

DAS for Hospitals & Public Safety DAS for First Responders & EMS

The most common method to ensure in-building coverage is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).  DAS solutions ensure that first-responders can communicate effectively throughout the hospital when emergencies arise.

Another benefit of DAS solutions in hospitals is that doctors, patients, and visitors mobile phones are able to work throughout the hospital. It is the logical progression that in-building coverage solutions for cellular/PCS services are equally desired.  Many hospitals employ wireless technology for paging solutions, telemetry and other data infrastructure delivery.

It is not just public safety and cellular service that are in high demand; numerous wireless applications require a DAS to operate effectively and ubiquitously. Hospitals lead the wireless industry in deploying advanced wireless applications, i.e. Wi-Fi, wireless PBX, patient monitoring, RF location, security, building automation- the possibilities are truly limited to ones imagination.  Building an infrastructure that accommodates future wireless needs and requirements is a concern for every hospital IT or Facilities Manager.

The trend and value today is to deploy an integrated Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) that can accommodate the needs of the hospital, both today and tomorrow- whether it’s public safety, commercial, or both.

Benefits: • Ensure ubiquitous radio coverage for police, fire, and EMS

•Enhance the productivity of doctors, staff and visitors

• Converged wireless infrastructure saves money

Things to Know:

• Building codes and ordinances across the country will soon mandate public safety in-building  radio coverage • Many counties, cities, and municipalities already have ordinances in place • Hospitals need infrastructure to support multiple wireless applications, such as Wireless Medical Telemetry systems (WMTS), RFID, etc. Harris Communications has the ability and expertise to deliver DAS solutions for a variety of applications.  All of our solutions are custom designed to suit each clients individual need.  To learn more about how our solutions may be a fit for your facility call or email us today.

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