Distributed Antenna Systems Financing
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The dramatic increase in the use of wireless devices and applications has accelerated the need for indoor antenna systems to strengthen the on-premises wireless signal within businesses, schools, hospitals and other facilities.  These Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are often a significant financial investment for the wireless service providers and/or building owners.  Harris Communications provides a complete acquisition solution by offering a state-of-the-art DAS solution along with competitive financing options for qualified clients.

Financing Options

 Harris Communications is committed to finding the best solution for each of our clients, and that includes offering comprehensive financing options.  Some of the advantages of Harris Communications’ financing include:


  • 100% financing
  • A convenient single resource
  • Avoiding CapEx constraints
  • Ability to use OpEx budget
  • Preservation of cash and bank credit facilities for other business expenses
  • Optimal technology lifecycle management


DAS Distributed Antenna SystemsExample DAS Project

Equipment:                        $    60,000.00

Design & Installation:     $    40,000.00

Total Project Cost:           $  100,000.00


Financing Option:

DAS Project Cost:             $ 100,000.00

Lease Term:                       48 Months

Quarterly Payment:        $ 6,498.00, per quarter.

End of Term Options:     15% Purchase, Upgrade, Extend, or Return


Harris Communications can also provide a blanket lease financing facility for a rollout of DAS installations at multiple facilities of qualified customers.


We strive to customize a financing solution based on each customer’s creditworthiness and business needs, the existing interest rate environment, and the specifics of each DAS project, including the mixture of hard costs (equipment) and soft costs (design and installation).

Value-Added Financing Options

We are able to provide the entire spectrum of lease financing products, including operating leases, capital leases, and lease lines of credit.  With a flexible capital source that can tailor the DAS financing to meet each client’s specific needs, we are able to achieve each customer’s particular business, accounting, and tax objectives. Financing terms generally range from 36 months to 60 months and are based upon a client’s unique situation, as well as technology and equipment lifecycles.

One-Stop Shop for DAS

Harris Communications offers something that other system integrators cannot. In addition to cutting edge quality DAS solutions, our customers have the convenience of working with a one-stop shop offering specialized lease financing.  Most other financing companies are not familiar with DAS and, therefore, are unwilling to provide 100% financing, or won’t finance soft costs (e.g., design and installation), which are a significant portion of the total DAS cost.  Harris Communications is different.  We provide a total DAS acquisition solution!


DAS Distributed Antenna Systems Financing

Seamless, Specialized & Dedicated

 Our goal is to make the DAS acquisition process as seamless and simple as possible and to enable you to preserve capital for other, mission critical projects.  Most importantly, with Harris Communications, you get the support you need, when you need it.

DAS solutions

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