Different Solutions for Cell Enhancement
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Some solutions can be as simple and inexpensive as placing an antenna booster. If it doesn’t work you’ve lost little. This solution could work for both your mobile and at home needs, but it will depend on how marginal your signal is and what is causing the poor reception.

If you determine you need a more robust mobile wireless amplifier solution there are a number of good products on the market. Typically there will be four parts to any system. It will include an amplifier, an internal antenna, the outside antenna, and a power supply.

In-Building Cell Solutions

When you need the in-building solution it is important to determine if you want multiple users to be able to access the enhanced signal at the same time. The multiple user versions are excellent for the office and allow for better cell phone and data card signals.

For the inside installation you will need both an outside antenna and an inside antenna. So if you’re just buying a signal amplifier make sure you purchase the antennas and cabling that you will need.

A final inside solution would be a direct connect amplifier system. This will give you great signal strength but your antenna is plugged directly into you cell phone. This solution is great for getting maximum signal strength in remote or rural locations.

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