GE Capital Chose Harris Communications
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GE Capital Couldn’t Here You, Now They Can

GE Capital contacted Harris Communications seeking a solution for poor cellular coverage in their national office in Norwalk, Connecticut. The company has a national and international presence and desperately needed cellular reception throughout their offices to conduct business effectively. With over 800 employees at this location alone, not having adequate cellular coverage was not acceptable. It was also detrimental when employees from other locations were in the building and unable to use their smart phone to conduct business while out of their office.

GE’s Custom Wireless Solution

We were able to coordinate with GE and the building manager to schedule a site survey and assess their needs.  Following the site survey, we incorporated our findings with GE Capital’s objectives to design and propose an effective and cost effective solution.  The solution was a multi-carrier Verizon and AT&T copper system design.  We needed to take the amount of employees in the building into account to ensure the robust solution did not interfere with the cellular tower’s capacity.  Our extensive industry knowledge and well thought-out design met the needs of the building and their internal staff as well as not exceeding the cellular tower’s capacity.

Executives, visiting GE employees from around the country and the office staff have seamless and reliable cellular reception in the building.  A lot of business is conducted via smart phones and dropped calls can result in lost opportunities.  GE Capital in Norwalk, CN no longer has to worry about that possibility.

About GE Capital

GE Capital of the Americas is a leading provider of commercial loans and leases to mid-market businesses across diverse industries. Their solutions make it easier for the companies they work with to purchase equipment, manage vehicle fleets, acquire businesses and otherwise grow and thrive in the changing marketplace. GE works closely with customers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico to create innovative solutions that meet their needs and allow businesses to grow and prosper.

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