Cellular Coverage
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Cellular coverage is an absolute necessity these days. Avoiding dead zones in coverage is paramount for any business. But with all of the cellular towers dotting the landscape, it does not seem possible for any kind of lull in cellular coverage. There are however dead zones, especially when inside buildings with metal shielding, thick concrete or certain types of insulation. Dropped calls happen more often than might seem feasible. It is not the cellular signal in most cases and business people can counteract dropped calls by installing cellular repeaters throughout their building. This is especially helpful in emergency situations when cellular service is needed the most.

Churches, large office buildings with few windows, and many warehouses are the common culprits for loss of cellular coverage. While the pastor may not want to install a cellular repeater inside the church, office buildings and warehouses could use them most of the time. Cellular repeaters bring in the cellular signal from outside and aim it into the building through a series of antennae. Cellular boosters or repeaters can help conserve battery life since cell phones use three times as much battery life searching for cellular coverage when it is not present. Also, when the phone is not searching for a signal it is not giving off nearly as much radiation, which is good for the user and those around them.

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