Cell Phone Towers-A Refuge For Birds?
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Bird on a Wire……

This blog is industry related folks but not what we typically blog about at Harris Communications.  My day started with the routine cup of coffee and logging onto my computer.  I went to the local online paper this morning and I had to laugh when I read an article that talks about birds using a cell tower as “home”.

The article highlights an area in North Carolina where buzzards are essentially roosting on a cell tower.  In some strange way it made me feel good about the wireless industries contribution to the environment.  In many places the human races need and desire to develop inadvertently eliminates the tall trees that birds traditionally roost in; perhaps the telecommunications tower is the tall tree of the 21st century?

All jokes aside, we at Harris are of the outdoor persuasion.  We have a kayaking enthusiast, one guy that takes every opportunity he can to visit his mountain retreat and we cannot forget our resident gardener who toils in the soil for fun.  In many cases we cannot combine our personal passions and work in this life.  We are passionate about wireless and we want to make sure that cell phones work inside of buildings, that your community is Wi-Fi abundant and naturally we would be happy to implement a public safety solution for your town.  But, at the end of the day we leave work and retreat to our personal lives.

Perhaps the next time we drive to the mountains, kayak through the Carolinas or garden away in the city we will look at that cell tower differently.  We are living in a world where things are changing and development is inevitable.  If you subscribe to Darwinism I suppose those turkey buzzards are on track for survival.  If you lean towards religion then maybe it is the big guys will.  Either way, this story made me smile.

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