What You Need To Know Before Purchasing a Cell Booster
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Cell boosters have become an absolute necessity for many people. Buildings, hills, valleys, and proximity all can impact the strength of your cellular or wi-fi signal. It’s terribly frustrating to be in your home or office and have a weak signal that distorts the reception or drops the call.

Life will be much easier with less frustration if you have a cell phone booster. Your audio will be clearer; you won’t be dropping calls, and you’ll be able to reach more wifi networks. A cell booster also delivers the advantage of increasing battery life and reducing the amount of radiation the phone emits. This is done through the reduction in power needed to get a good signal.

Installation can be very easy to somewhat complicated depending on the device you buy. That’s one reason why we suggest you leave the installation to the professionals.

What Type Of Cell Booster – Inside Or Out?

The first thing to determine is do you want to boost your signal while you’re on the move. Is your primary goal to reduce the number of dropped calls as you travel through weak signal areas or dead zones? Or is your goal to provide better cellular strength while at the office?

If you need to boost your signal in the office, there is another consideration you must make. Is your signal strength loss caused by just being inside, or do you live in an area where the signal strength is weak outside. It’s possible that you need both – a stronger indoor signal and a strong outside signal reaching the building.

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