Can you boost more than one cellular carrier?
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Great question!

You can boost more than one cellular signal.  We prefer to conduct a site survey in order to determine the carrier readings in and outside your building to determine what solution will be the best fit.

Here is a little bit of information specific to the wireless industry:

  • A dual band, omni-directional outside antenna is recommended, if there are three or more bars of outside signal strength at the site.
  • If there is a weaker than three bars of outside signal strength call Harris Communications, we have extensive experience with multi service provider signal booster systems.
  • It takes more than twice the gain to push 1900 MHz signals than 800 MHz.  If you buy a desktop repeater kit make sure it has enough gain to cover the desired area with the 1900 MHz signal.
  • If it will cover the area with 1900 MHz signals, the 800 MHz signals will more than cover the area.

The best thing to do is to contact a qualified and experienced cellular enhancement provider.  We have implemented solutions throughout the United States and are able to custom design solutions based on the clients needs.  If you are dealing with a larger facility, an older building or a facility that has had a lot of additions and upgrades, you should schedule a site survey.

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