Non-Profit World Wide Relief Org Case Study
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Harris Communications has successfully implemented a commercial cellular solution for a world wide relief organization.  We were initially contacted by the organization when they were not satisfied with an existing solution at a smaller facility.  The solution was not performing as promised.

We were able to walk the facility, determine why the other system was not performing and provide a superior solution that came in well under budget.  As a result of that installation, the non-profit approached Harris Communications about a campus location they had that needed improved cellular reception.   This solution was applied to a campus style set up and incorporated a total of eight buildings.  The infrastructure is a copper solution and is composed of individual solutions for each building as opposed to one comprehensive solution.  This schematic ensured that we were able to deliver the cellular reception and come in below budget by using copper as opposed to a fiber solution.  Conduits were not available due to the mountainous terrain that surrounds the campus.

This was a high priority for the organization because they work in international relief efforts.  In recent years, we have seen several natural disasters wipe out landlines and the most effective way to communicate is via cell phone.  Haiti in particular was the impetus behind the organization seeking out a solution despite the ineffective solution they had purchased prior to working with Harris Communications.  It is imperative to have good in-building coverage to reach people at all times and in any place in the facility.  We provided a solution that enhanced Verizon and AT&T cellular signals.

Harris Communications is able to provide single and multiple building solutions.  We work closely with clients to find a solution that is the best fit for their needs and budget.  In many instances there are fiber infrastructures already in place that we can attach our system to.  In other cases it is more cost effective to implement a copper solution.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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